Between Parent and Teacher: A Plan for Nurturing Suzuki Students at Home

Originally self-published in 1991, this book was later picked up by SHAR Publications. In 2003, I was able to update the text, which resulted in the revised edition, which continued to sell for many years. In 2011, SHAR released the copyright back to me, so now it is available through this web site. It is still being used, along with other books, for String Pedagogy coursework at the University of New Mexico.

The book was never meant to be a book at all, but was an outline of the parent education course I actually created for my own studio in the late 1970’s. As demand grew, I compiled and edited the materials I had in order to present a succinct course, knowing that teachers would naturally seek additional information to support and augment the content.

Photographs of Susan Kempter's Bisiach courtesy of Robertson & Sons Violin Shop